Video Marketing

Originally came in the form of the movie trailer, a commercial shown at the end of a film advertising a new motion pictures release.

Video Marketing made Hollywood well Hollywood!

The first motion pictures were black and white silent films. The only sound was a piano or organ maybe a small orchestra at the movie theater.
The ‘talkies’ was the next great advancement in moving pictures which included music placed on the celluloid film. Going to the movie theater became a favorite pastime.

Soon the motion picture was being marketed like the radio broadcast on a new device called television. Along with television came video marketing in the form of the commercial advertisement, only affordable by the largest corporations.
The moving pictures had caught the attention of the American people and it was here to stay.
Whole new industries came into existence as the direct result of the first moving picture cameras, and projectors.
Shortly after Hollywood’s movie industry started to develop the color television was introduced, and the screens went from small and round to much larger and much more rectangular. Televisions were developing so rapidly that everyone had to have one.
Video helped to unite and unify the United States, and now it seems the rest of world.
The world is now a smaller place thanks to video.
The way countries go to war has been forever changed by video.
Video marketing in the form of campaign advertisements have been used to promote all types of political machines, and ideologies.

Video has shaped much of the corporate landscape.
The way we see and understand our modern world is mostly thru the use of video.
We can see what is happening anywhere in the world in real time.
Video can hold people accountable for their actions.

it knocks down barriers and walls. Like President Reagan and the ‘Berlin Wall’ and brings understanding even to the most humble and

Video Marketing,

simple among us.
Video and video marketing are a big part of our heritage, our way of life, our education, our standard of living, our freedom, and our wealth. Video has created stars, heroes, and villains.

Video is a language that we all naturally understand;

Take a look at Time Square today, video lights up the sky.
Huge advertising video monitors are replacing billboards everywhere.
Even the gas stations are marketing to you on screens at the gas pumps.
Who would have ever dreamed that cell phones would have video monitors? Now most cell phones can take pictures and even record videos?
Is there any corner of our world and lives that video doesn’t enter?
Video is used in everything from music, to medicine, from security, to flying.
Video has taken the world to the moon, and to the depths of the oceans.

The Internet is dominated by video.

Now with computers tablets and smart phones video and video advertising has expanded to a new screen, the online screen.

If you get a traffic ticket you may elect to go to traffic school, you can now go virtually on the internet via a video.
You want to go to college even that you can do online because of the new 2.0 websites and video.

No other medium conveys markets and their products, and sells them better than video.

Just take a look at your email inbox. You like me are probably being email marketed to constantly. Pretty much the vast majority of the ads hyperlinks in those emails go straight to a video sales page/video landing page/video squeeze page.

Email marketing to sell affiliate marketing products using video has become big business for today’s entrepreneur.

With the advancements in computers, internet access, software including video software, and technology in general the big economic shift has been to the internet.
From the beginning in the silent movie days till today video and video marketing have been refined to make video ‘push button’ easy to use, for example “the remote control, and now the computer mouse and keyboard”,

Internet videos are usually in the MP4 format because of efficiency. MP4 videos are readily up-loadable to sites like YouTubeDaily MotionVimeoVideos can be produced using many types of software starting with Power Point, screen capture, actual live raw video from video cams, cell phones, and video camera etc. Explainer videos are short animated videos like this url’s opening video.

Now the masses are marketing to the masses, what a paradigm shift. WOW!

Push Button Video Marketing:

“The simple easy to use recording, copying, editing, and broadcasting of moving visual images to communicate the value of a product or service to customers for the purpose of selling that product or service.” (Extrapolated from Wikipedia) – Bruce

‘Push Button Video Marketing’ has leveled the playing field and taken the crown from the once almighty Goliath and handed it over to all of the David’s.

– Bruce