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Eight steps to success advertising: Advertise your business

1- Have a desirable product.

2- Have a USP ‘unique selling proposition’. Highlight the benefits.

3- Have a responsive system in place to connect to your clients.

4- Target your audience; knowing who your ideal customers are.

5- Survey your customers and tailor campaigns to their responses.

6- Produce informative videos.

7- Monitor your competitors but do not copy them.

8- Have a strong “CALL TO ACTION”.

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Advertising used to be in the form of buying space in news papers, yellow pages, magazines, bill boards, t.v., radio, sky writing ads, or from word of mouth, smoke signals, drum beating, etc.

The digital alternative is to advertise on the internet.

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Smart televisions, computers, laptops, tablets, and smart phones are the mediums used to access the internet and to display your business campaign/s to your potential clients.

Advertise your business use Internet marketing, video marketing, article marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, press releases, banners are all forms of advertising for your business on the internet.

Paid advertising and SEO ‘search engine optimization’ are the two main avenues available to get the word out about your business. Each of which has its advantages and uses.

Paid advertising starts with Google AdWords, and Bing Ads. However there are many forms of paid advertising like banner advertisingcraigslistdisplay advertisingmobile advertising, and internet advertising agencies to name a few.

Paid advertising is big business; Google is in business to make money. Online paid advertising now exceeds $40,000,000.00 that’s forty billion dollars per year.

Obviously paid advertising works or it could never have gotten to that $40 B. level, but the best advice is to keep your wits and tread carefully to get a ROI ‘return on investment’ and not just a hole to throw your money into.

The first step should be to educate oneself to get a good working knowledge of the available options their strengths and weakness, and the best ways to take advantage of both for your particular business needs and requirements. For example paid advertising is similar to turning on and off a tap, but generally when you stop paying for ads so to the lead flow stops.

With SEO it is not really free because at the very least your time has value and you do not know the outcome that you efforts will have for sometimes quite a while. However once SEO starts bringing in leads they continue for some time even if you relax your SEO promoting activities.

A good idea is to first figure out who your target customers are. Find out where they are. Tailor your campaign to target them and their needs.

Testing and monitoring your campaigns to improve your ROI, this is business.

Another good idea is to seek out your competition and monitor them, you may get some ideas.

Know your clients, your competition you’re available tools, every aspects of your business, and your campaign/s.

Choose to handle the advertising yourself or delegate it to a marketing executive, or a marketing company, maybe an SEO services company.

If you have a successful ‘brick and mortar’ business offline you may even hire a top advertising agency such as Grey Advertising in New York.

Obviously how you advertise your business depends on the business you have, the resources available and the plan you implement.

Move cautiously after all a fool and his money are soon parted’.

No one cares about your business quite like you.

All that being said there is much success to be had online.

Advertise your business In the way that makes the most sense to you.

Here is to your success!