Truly advertisement ideas can be so subtle that you don’t notice them.

Advertisement ideas from our beginnings up to the present time based upon human psychology along the lines that facts tell and stories sell.

Advertisement ideas

Post Card brings van to your door

In essence someone is always trying to get your attention with their advertisements.

Important to realize they are using all manner of psychology to move you from reasoning to passion.

With this in mind the spell takes you on a magic carpet ride to wonderland the land of emotional bliss.

Before you realize it you have a desire for something, and you may not even understand why.

People buy because of feelings and intangible emotions and not by logic and reasoning as we would like to think.

Indeed facts tell and stories sell.

After all thru out the ages elders used storytelling to convey messages to the next generation.

In that case the elder didn’t say “don’t wander in the woods or forest alone”.

Instead they told a story of a terrible scary ordeal that happened when one left the security of the fold.

Delivering as a result the emotionally charged message do not leave the group or you will pay a terrible price.

You would remember the story and pass it on because you could feel that story.

Well in the same fashion this idea is behind all great advertising and marketing.

Consequently advertisement Ideas based on emotion, pleasure, fear, feelings trump ideas based on logic and reasoning.

How do you react when someone tells you to do something, it probably won’t move you enough to act.

In the first place buyers only buy for their benefits not features.

For example your mother might say “brush your teeth, and comb your hair you need to be nice for school”,

Well that won’t move you half as much as “you know Suzie is coming over tonight”.

Emotions about seeing Suzie move a young man much more than “you need to be nice for school”.

Important to realize that emotions, and feelings not logic, and reasoning move people to act and react.

Above all use psychology in your advertising to get your prospects attention and elicit a reaction to market your wares.

So to sell you must be cunning to understand your potential buyer better than they understand themselves.

Moreover you must seek out their hot buttons and keep mashing those hot buttons non-stop.

 To repeat anytime you see an opportunity to push one of those hot buttons push it and sales will flow.

Additionally it is best to run a business to serve your clients.

In like manner make sure you offer something your buyer wants, and worth every penny they pay for it.

Another key point be there for your client really there listening, acknowledging, and serving.

Of course people know you are in business to make a profit.

For instance the best advertisement ideas are the ones that come from the heart where people know you care.

People naturally love stories so tell stories that feature your product.