Of course free advertising online can have a cost how much will it be?

Surprisingly free advertising online can have a cost that you would never expect in terms of losing business, materials, and of course time.

free advertising online


In the first place be aware of the TOS “Terms of Service” of any site that you use.

Indeed read the TOS of any site you visit is a wise idea.

Moreover read the TOS to have a grasp of exactly how to advertise with them for free.

In fact any internet property you use can fail or close your account at anytime without cause.

As a matter of fact many successful marketers have lost privileges.

Above all If you do not own it it’s beyond your control.

In any event you don’t need to have a website and an email list to advertise online.

Classified ads are so popular online that the king of the classifieds Craigslist is Alexa’s number eight.

Not only web hosting but also auto responder is normally two monthly expenses.

In the final analysis I have tried free web hosting and a free auto responder it was a compromise.

By all means you could get a website template and free web hosting at wordpress.com, blogger, wix, or weebly.

Advertise online freely but bear in mind their TOS.

Consequently you can lose your privileges in a moment follow the rules.

My advice is use them sparingly until you start to make money then break away to your own website.

Generally the other concern are having to rework all your internet web presence into your hosting paid for site,

That is why I suggest using the free services sparingly.

Keep copies of articles, pictures, videos, etc. you use for later use on your paid site.

However without your own site you will not be able to run your own business under your control.

To be sure there are a lot of free video hosting sites available.

In fact YouTube is the number three site by traffic numbers in the world according to Alexa.

YouTube is also the world’s second largest Search Engine next to Google itself.

In addition Google owns YouTube.

Consequently YouTube is great for free advertising.

To enumerate free Video sites YouTube, vimeo, vevo, DailyMotion, Veoh, Metacafe, Flickr, and Break.

On the positive side all web 2.0 websites or Social Media sites are free and allow interaction between parties.

Similarly all of the Social Media websites allow you a sub domain of your own under their main domain.

Remember the TOS and use them accordingly.

In addition more free advertising online Wikipedia, Twitter,Pinterest, Tumblr, yelp, eHow, Photobucket, Squidoo, and LiveJournal.

Furthermore you can see there are many of these sites in many different arenas.

To emphasize Web 2.0 sites are not static sites like the original web 1.0 sites,

However now we come to article marketing sites.

Of course you produce an article and post it with one of these sites in hopes of business, maybe links,

In case here is a short list of some of them: ezinearticles, goarticles, articlecity, buzz, and articlebiz

In this case now we come to the forums, and blogs these sites are niche specific.

Likewise forums are public sites where like-minded people come together to share.

On the contrary blogs are personal sites that may allow you to leave comments on.

Because you do not own a site read the TOS, follow the rules or you may lose privilege.

These are another wonderful opportunity to get more free advertising online.

In conclusion you get what you pay for so understand the price of free advertising online.