Business Proposal Template

There are many reasons to use one.

For example: Government, or a large corporation may require a product, or service and issue a

RFP: request for proposal.

In response to this request you would use a business proposal template to draft your response should you like your company to get the bid.

Another reason for the proposal may be you wish to solicit business from someone for a product or service you wish to provide.

Many people think that a Business Proposal Template is really a form of a Business Plan. This is not the case each form has its place in business. business proposal template is exactly that a structured format to draft a document to propose a business offering from your company to another company, entity, or government.

The proposal should generally be built around the three P’s ProblemProblem Solution, and of course Price. The basic form of the proposal should be to state your purpose: what you offer in a few short paragraphs. See simplified example below:

RE: Proposal for XYZ Corp. Delivery of XXX product.
         ABC Company will deliver by Speedy Delivery Service 30 cases of XXX product directly from our main warehouse facility to XYZ corp. every month on the 1st of the month at XYZ Corporations XXX Plant Any City, USA. ABC Company guarantees to XYZ Corp. the delivery of said product, on the agreed schedule, and also guarantees the quality of product XXX to be equal to or better than the current spec sheet provided by ABC Company Labs  or the XYZ Corp. shall be reimbursed all expenses plus an additional 100% performance guarantee within 7 days of failure to perform from ABC Company…

As with any document much thought and research should go into its contents. Writing a proposal can be a very costly endeavor so a ‘fish or cut bait’ attitude can save you a lot of needlessly wasted time, energy, and expense. Can you work within their terms, parameters, time tables etc? It would be a shame to either get the contract and not be able to fulfill it, or not get the contract due to a lack in the presentation/proposal, because of poor research.

When considering a RFP for example you really must do your homework and if you do respond be sure to respond in a format for your proposal that has a history of being accepted by the entity soliciting the RFP.

Business proposal template, Professional Proposal Contract Invoice

Before you start to write your proposal take the time to really think about the prospect and mentally ‘walk a mile’ in the prospects shoes as it were. Consider their problem, your solution, and can you deliver at the right price? It should not be what is in it for you when you are drafting the proposal it should be 100% about what’s in it for the prospect. Make sure before you start to draft this proposal that you know and are prepared to include exactly what will satisfy the prospect with the perfect bait. Let the prospect know that you are completely at their disposal to deliver their solution, in the manner that only you and your company can.

Should you be delivering your proposal in person stay relaxed, focus only on serving your prospect; do not lose your focus dealing with a cell phone, laptop or anything else. Stay calm and cool when you present your proposal having the confidence that you are the perfect match for your prospect. As evidenced by your delivery of the perfect business proposal template to your new client.