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SEO Tools can be costly but everyone wants free traffic how about you?

SEO Tools are the promise of a free ride on the back of the mighty search engines such as Google just pay your fare and take the free ride.

Seo tools

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On the whole SEO has really become quit a large niche.

Of course everyone wants their site to rank and show up above the fold on the highly coveted first page.

When people search in a search engine they typically only look at the results right in front of them.

In the final analysis everyone wants the best.

Comparatively Google’s idea of what is best for any particular search is on the results page starting with number one.

So who do you think gets all the action?

Most compelling evidence you guessed it number one.

To demonstrate do a search online and you will see the number of results for your search with your keyword.

In the same fashion Google and Bing show the results on the top Yahoo shows them on the bottom.

The point I am making is that usually thousands of results come up but there are more that didn’t show.

Given these points get serious about your SEO which can mean lots of traffic and money.

All things considered how much is a customer worth?

Although this may be true maybe you just don’t care about the money.

That is to say maybe you just have a site for the fun of it.

Be that as it may don’t you want to have your site found?

To be on page one for a buyers keyword jump thru Google’s hoops better than everyone else.

But look at the rewards everyone will see you are the best in the eyes of the almighty search engine.

As a result you will get the lion’s share of the business that comes from the searches you dominate.

For this reason big companies corporations government well to do businessmen and such will hire someone to do their SEO.

Notwithstanding this is how the Big SEO companies get their business.

By the same token the SEO work they perform is not cheap.

SEO Tools for Free so to speak!

Undoubtedly people everywhere would love SEO Tools for Free.

Meanwhile many people are just starting out and have a small business without the budget to hire a SEO professional.

As a matter of fact these individuals have to do everything themselves in-house.

Even if you do the SEO yourself it’s still a lot of work and the tools aren’t cheap.

Moreover have you ever heard the expression that “a workman is only as good as his tools” well it’s true.

Another key point is a tool makes a job easier.

After all good tools do not come cheap.

But on the other hand what if you could get access to some great SEO tools for free?

Under those circumstances and get on the results page/ SERP’s yourself making you some money.

Then you could purchase the tools you now know you need to stay on top.

With this intention free SEO tools online.

For this reason Google and Bing offer great SEO tools for free

Firstly google analytics

Secondly google webmaster tools

Thirdly bing webmaster toolbox

Fourthly google keywordplanner

Then google trends

Chiefly WordPress

Surely yoast-wordpress-seo

Equally all-in-one-seo-pack

In other words simple-urls is a WordPress plugin for outbound links.

Different from rb-internal-links is a WordPress plugin for simplified internal website linking.

However lightbox-plus is a WordPress plugin that allows visitors to enlarge images.

Certainly nextgen-gallery is the favorite gallery WordPress plugin.

Additionally widget-logic is a WordPress plugin for controlling widgets on various pages.

Thus use-google-libraries a WordPress plugin to access google javascript libraries.

Hence w3-total-cache WordPress plugin to enhance website performance.

Surprisingly great SEO Tools from great SEO outfits.

Also semrush is a website to research your competition.

Equally ahrefs is a website to analyse your websites backlinks keywords competitors and name mentions.

Nonetheless moz website that make inbound marketing tools and have phenomenal data.

Forthwith majesticseo is a website for in-depth link scanning.

Finally ubersuggest free online keyword tool

Certainly to find more SEO tools do a search and check the number of results.

Then make your choices even when its free I bet you mostly go for what’s above the fold.

Then again think about it where you would like to have your site show up.

To put it differently take me to the top!