Category Archives: Youtube in contrast bad and good protect yourself and win.

Consequently comes with good as well as bad. Success comes when we protect ourselves from the bad side and we embrace the good.


Video hosting sites such as are freely available and open to the general public.

Indeed anyone can view videos leave comments download or embed the videos.
As a result you may want to be careful disclosing personal information.
Therefore be aware that many of the comments can be spam just to place a link associated to your video.
By and large their motivation for placing the link is to steal some of your videos traffic.
So be careful how you respond to comments the whole world can see.

In that case only share what makes good sense and is safe for you to share.

Further someone may steal your property.

I have caught people who copied my videos and put them on another video hosting site.
In short I contacted the people who managed that other site and had the video taken down right away.
Under those circumstances I was able to prove that the video was in fact mine.

For one thing I referenced the posting dates and then my watermark logo.

Another problem can arise from copyrights. is very aggressive when it comes to copyright issues.
Copyright issues could be anything in your video for instance the music or a graphic anything really.
First thing to remember copyrights protect creators and their creations.
Moreover be wise and do not let problems like these keep you from enjoying your success online.

Nevertheless YouTube is a real blessing for all well-intentioned people who engage with it.

In fact YouTube is FREE.
It is important to realize that copyrights protect you and your properties.
Surprisingly as it may seem you and I do mean you can create and upload very engaging videos.
In particular videos of things you love and would love to share.
Not to mention a digital camera like the one built into your cell phone can capture great HD video.
Furthermore you can edit videos on YouTube for free.
In contrast you can download editing software at a cost or some is free.
Although this may be true your computer probably has video editing software built-in.
At the same time the subject of how to create videos is endless. coupled with Google and YouTube are great resources pertaining to video.

Why create videos in the first place.

Not to mention you may want to share socially.
After all YouTube is a Social Media site.
For example you may be a teacher instructor trainer speaker and use video to get your message across..

Then again you can have a business on YouTube.

By having a business I mean that you can earn money using YouTube either directly or indirectly.
By all means video marketing covers the ways you make money with video including on YouTube.

In general one way to make money directly is by monetizing your videos.

Generally a YouTube channel in good standing has the option to monetize videos
Of course make sure the content of any monetized video is 100% your own as not to create undue problems.
In addition you may even be able to charge people who wish to view your content only after you monetize.
On the other hand you can make money indirectly promoting pretty much anything really.
You can promote Real Estate and therefore make a profit commission or fee.
Affiliate marketing with video means you can be in business for little more than the cost to access the internet.

Undoubtedly with a little imagination and a burning desire you too can become a YouTube professional videographer.
Yep to be sure you can be making a living online and a very fine living at that.

In conclusion watch out for the bad and go after the good because the good far out weights the bad.