Explaindio Video Creator Software by Andrew Darius.

Simple to use high quality advanced video creation software.

Before Explaindio this level of sophistication simply was not available to the general public, only highly specialized graphic coders were able to approach the likes of Explaindio.
Now anyone including you and yours truly (I) can create stunning professional quality videos anytime we desire.

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Explaindio incorporates the best parts of VideoMaker FX, and Easy Sketch Pro video creation software’s.

VideoMaker FX is the number one Top Selling product of all time on JVZoo.com. VideoMaker FX introduced animated explainer videos to the masses and I bought it immediately when it was released to the public, I love it. Easy Sketch Pro came out next and again I was waiting for this new animated doodle white board sketch video creation software to go live; when it did I jumped on it. Easy Sketch Pro is the number two best selling product of all time on JVZoo.com. When Explaindio became available what do you think I did, your right I bought that bad boy without hesitation and now it’s your turn I know you’ll love it. -CLICK HERE-

Explaindio has successfully married three types of video.

Full Motion Video, Explainer Animation like VideoMaker FX, and the whiteboard sketch like Easy Sketch Pro. Explaindio is the all time winner and currently the third best seller of all time at ZVZoo.com. With these three software titles in hand you are in prime position to create highly engaging videos on the fly.

But even if you have one of these great video creation software’s you would be wise to purchase all three and go to work to master each of them. Each is unique and you will find out soon enough that you will have a time that each one will have its job to perform.

Easy Sketch Pro can make great animated doodle sketch type videos that are very engaging.

VideoMaker FX can produce incredible animated explainer type videos.

The beauty of Explaindio is the fact that Darius took his software to the next level and beyond. Now you could use “Slides” from VideoMaker FX, “White Board Doodle Sketches” from Easy Sketch Pro and all in one place to work the two styles together. Not only that you can now add Live Motion Video from a Video Camera Into the mix. VideoMaker FX started to go down this path but it was Explaindio who really blazed the trail.

Another advantage of Explaindio is that when you add a video into the mix you now have a third audio track available to you the audio track from the Live Video.

Oh by the way you can use your back ground music from Easy Sketch Pro, and VideoMaker FX.

And there is nothing stopping you from using doodle sketch videos from Easy Sketch Pro and/ or animated explainer videos from VideoMaker FX in Explaindio. There is no limit to what you can create with some imagination maybe even introduce a Power Point video into Explaindio.

Now with Explaindio you have a vast arsenal of video creating tools at your disposal to really get the job done with style creating high converting video for affiliate products that you represent, or maybe products that you own outright. Just think about it how can you let this opportunity pass you by?

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