Free Advertising Online

Comes at a cost, how much is free advertising?

Free advertising online seems simple but can have a higher cost than paid advertising in lost time poor results, is it really worth it?

Free advertising online, but beware all classified ad sites and many other types of sites online have their own specific TOS ‘term of service’ that needs to be followed when using that site. Reading the TOS of any site you visit is a wise idea. I believe once you visit any of the classified ad sites and read their TOS you will have a good grasp of exactly how to advertise with them for free. Classified ads are so popular online that the king of the classifieds craigslist is the eighth (8th) most popular website by traffic according to alexa.
There are two large monthly expenses that you find out about pretty fast before you begin to make any money online. They are web hosting, and auto-responder.

There is a great free auto-responder named list wire.

Now you don’t need to have a website, and an email list to advertise online, however without your own site your online home you will not be able to run your own business fully the way you want under your control.

Oh sure, you could get a website template and free web hosting at, blogger, wix, or weebly, and these are awesome products and companies which allow you to

craigslist - Free Advertising Online

Advertise online freely but bear in mind their TOS.

You are obliged to conform to their rules; they could shut you down at any given moment. My advice is use them sparingly until you start to make money then break away to your own website. The other concerns are having to rework all your internet web presence into your paid for site, that is why I suggest using the free services sparingly and keep copies of all your articles, pictures, movies, etc. that you use for the free web sites to later add to your paid for site.

There is also a lot of free video hosting sites available and YouTube owned by Google is the number three (3) site by traffic numbers in the world according to alexa, plus YouTube is the world’s second largest Search Engine next to Google itself.

Free Advertising Online. Here is a short list of some of the free video hosting websites:

YouTube, vimeo, vevo, dailymotion, veoh, metacafe, flickr, and break

All of the web properties that have come to be known as the web 2.0 sites, or Social Media sites are free and allow interaction between parties. All of the Social Media sites allow you a sub domain of your own under their main domain but remember the TOS and use them accordingly. Even more free advertising online:

wikipedia, twitter, pinteresttumblr, yelpehow, photobucket, squidoo, and livejournal.

As you can see there are many of these sites in many different arenas. What all the web 2.0 sites have in common is that they are not static sites like the original web 1.0 sites are, which is why they are considered social, interactive and could go viral sites.

Now we come to article marketing sites, you produce an article and post it with one of these sites in hopes of business, links, free advertising online.

Here is a short list of some of them:

ezinearticles, goarticles, articlecity, buzz, and articlebiz

Remember the TOS.

Now we come to the forums, and blogs these sites are niche specific the forums are public sites where like minded people come together to share and blogs are personal sites that you may leave comments on. As always remember to read the TOS, follow the rules and do not spam. These are another wonderful opportunity to get more free advertising online.

Have fun out here!