Free Advertising Sites

Classifieds like Craigslist.

Free Advertising Sites guidelines keep your eyes and ears open don’t assume anything question everything research read the ‘TOS’ stay safe.

You have a business and you need exposure to a wider audience who doesn’t, even the big players need more business. Either you are growing or you’re shrinking on the vine. A little free advertising can be just the ticket to get those sales numbers up.

Just be sure to do your homework on the free advertising sites after all there is a reason they are free. Don’t they need to make money too? How do they make their money? Good question and there lies the basis of your homework assignment before you decide to get involved with a free advertising opportunity, beware it may just cost you more than money.

Anyone can put up a site and promise all kinds of results just to get you on their hook.

As big as the internet is it is really a small world. Word of mouth can travel fast online; I know you have heard of something going viral. You become known by the company you keep. Your reputation is worth more than gold if you plan to be around for awhile.

With all of that being said there really is a bunch of fantastic free advertising sites available that are symbiotic in that they help you while you help them. Every day more and more people and sites come online and there is a lot of imagination behind many of them.

Ten Free Advertising Sites:


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The ten free advertising sites listed above can be great for advertising it all depends on what you are advertising. To see if they will work for you, you will need to visit the site and do a little research. They each have their specialty and are useful in certain situations.

Besides the sites above there are a number of social media sites that you can at least leave your company profile on and get a little exposure that way. Many of these social media sites will be open to you and your advertising within their guidelines.

YouTube and an array of up and coming video sites are a great place to get much needed exposure. Besides making videos can be fun. The worst you could do is only receiving a few views, but still you will gain experience. Everybody had to start somewhere.

The internet is also home to forums, and almost everyone has a blog.

With a simple search you will be able to find forums, and blogs that are in your field/niche. Frequent a few choice ones and get involved. The more you are there to help out the more you will develop your business and make new friends. There goes word of mouth the best form of advertising working for you.

We are not done yet there are many article directories on the net that would be more than willing to take submissions from you in return for giving you credit for your work to everyone who see your article. Don’t forget to reference your site.

How would you like a little press as in news agencies? Well you can have the press working for you for free. There are quite a few free pr ‘press release’ sites online. Just create an article for them and here comes business.

Maybe you want a free website while you’re at it with free hosting? Try wix, or blogger, or weebly, or even wordpress one of them should have you covered.

When you are just starting out and have a real tight budget many of the listed choices above may just get you and your business on line.

There is nothing but blue sky.