List Building

A money faucet; turn on by emailing your list.

List Building is the process of giving value in exchange for names and email address of people who are interested in your offerings.

Before we start building a list we must choose a niche (arena) we relate to so working hard will be easier.

Once you have defined your niche and drilled down to a level where you can compete it is time to think of how you might monetize your niche.
First you will need to do research on your possible clients in the niche to find what compels them, what drives them. We need to know what gets under their skin and what makes their hearts race so we can push that hot button at any time and make money. That is what marketing is all about.

Understanding your clients gives you the tools you will need to satisfy their desires in a way that they will be begging for more as you keep earning more and more money/ commissions. They will love you because you care. Armed with this knowledge you can select the perfect products, and or design them for your niche.

One scenario goes like this: An Opt-in e-mail, A Squeeze Page, a Landing Page.

There are many variations on the theme. Either way you will need traffic to do your advertising to. Making Money starts slow and is hard work; you are in the trenches on your own, but not by yourself the whole internet is there to serve you in your List Building.

Research is the key to success no matter if you choose to sell other peoples products, and or services (affiliate marketing), or sell your own products (vendor).

But to get rich, or just make extra money from home you will need to build a list and nurture that list.

There are many ways to build a list. You might give away an e-book, or give away SEO tools, or maybe even give away some PLR product that fits your niche recreated as a new product. Then again you might offer a free service for example a webinar, or maybe business advice.

The ways you advertise to your niche can be as simple as putting a post on Face Book, or a Blog, or Forum offering your free offer in exchange for an email address and a name, on your opt-in page.

List Building is where the money is.

Email list building, Aweber List set up Shoutmeloud

Building your list may be accomplished with the use of PPC Pay per Click with a search engine like Google, Bing/Yahoo. Maybe an Ad Swap for more list building. . You might make a Media Buy. Another way you might build a list is with a JV Partner or Solo Ad Vendors. There is no end to the variations with a little imagination.
You have now started to build a list, but not just any list a highly targeted list. The type of list that is a real cash generator, you will be in the money. Finally you are ready to profit from the research and long hours.

Happy List Building!