Make video because moving pictures are far more effective than words.

Make video because nothing can tell stories and sell products better than video.

Moreover video can sell on autopilot 24/7 around the clock.

Make Video

Reflection in the moat

Indeed today we are in the digital age.

For one thing computers keep growing in processing power as the cost to produce them has plummeted.

Not to mention today most everyone has all manner of digital devices.

It started with things such as audio equipment, calculators, fax machines, pagers.

Then with the internet and personal computers we shifted into second gear.

To begin with digital devices have developed at an incredible pace thanks in part to mass production, and now automation.

Further powerful computers for serving up information and powerful routers for directing the information have transformed the internet.

Social Media has given people another reason to be online now you can meet people and share video.

Finding your audience and telling your story is available to everyone what better way to tell stories than with video.

After all take a look at the internet people are sharing video everywhere.

You too can make video most of the videos you see online are from people like you.

In the first place I suggest you start with YouTube.

For this reason YouTube is the grand daddy of all video sites.

So dig, do some research and decide what you would like to share in a video.

Presently people make videos with anything from a computer, to a video camera, or smart phone.

Surprisingly It does not have to cost a lot of money to get what you need to create a video.

In fact you do not have to be an expert to make a video and share it.

Once you make your first video and post it online you will never look back.

To be sure your next video will only get better.

By all means make video you will love it.

As a matter of fact the Video Camera on your phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computers can produce HD video.

So have you seen the Go Pro Hero video cameras with its breath-taking video?

Likewise how about the video quality of the Flip Video camera?

Video Creation Software can break the bank but does not have to.

It is possible to create Power Point Slide Videos for free when you have the computer and Microsoft Office.

By the same token the apple computer comes with its own version of presentation software called Keynote.

Then maybe you need free presentation software like Apache Open Office Impress available online.

Powtoon, Prezi, Emaze, Slidedog, and other software also available for free however you need to do a little research here.

Comparatively screen capture can range from Camtasia on the high-end down to Cam Studio for free.

To be sure the internet has many other Screen Capture offerings from free on up.

Explainer video is all the rage and you can get in on the action too all you need is software.

One last thing your video is only as good as its sound,

Presently the Blue Yeti microphone with great sound is available for around $99.

In addition Audacity is a great free audio editor download from Sound Forge.

In conclusion make videos with the tools you can afford knowing that creativity is your number one tool.


Make Video