Video equipment by and large is any gear that supports video creation.

In brief video equipment includes cameras to editing. Additionally equipment can be state of the art 4K 3D or an inexpensive digital camera.

Video equipment

Hexacopter Camera

Firstly all the video ever created required video equipment, video hardware, and video software to create it and host it.

Additionally in some cases it needed some video services as well.

When it comes to video and video equipment the sky is the limit.

In short take a look at Time Square in New York City now there is some serious video equipment.

Further how about the major production firms and broadcasting companies like Warner Brothers.

Global news channels, local television channels, satellite, cable companies also have all kinds of specialized equipment.

Meanwhile online YouTube, video sites, Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Fire, Facebook, Skype, Periscope, and more need special video equipment.

Then again everywhere you look you can find video equipment.

Thus video camera types cameras, camcorders, smart cameras, baby monitors, night vision cameras, smart phone video cameras.

Then accessories memory cards, memory card readers, lenses, lens filters, lens accessories, batteries and chargers, underwater housings.

Likewise audio microphones, sound mixers, head phones, headsets.

Similarly lighting equipment like sand bags, led panel lights, ellipsoid studio lights, soft box lighting, led dimmable lighting, fluorescent lighting

Moreover stabilization pedestal, slider, dollies, tripods, monopods, glide arm, handheld stabilizer, 3 axis servo gimbals, gyro stabilizer, steadipod, steadicam.

As well as distribution hdmi cables, Wi-Fi, antennas, cable management, home theatre networking.

As well as playback equipment audio video projectors, Blu-ray and dvd players/ recorders, digital media players, streaming players.

Certainly video editing and production video mixers, multi bridge, hd converters.

Also controls iPad, remote controls, and digital tuners.

Hence security recording home security monitoring systems including multi channel dvr’s with smart phone access, WI-Fi security kits.

Not to mention automobile dash cams, back-up cameras and monitors, camera mounts for cars and vehicles

In like manner brands of equipment manufacturers and suppliers of video equipment go on forever.

Equally important Major Brands of equipment Kodak, Nikon, Canon, Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic, Red, Blackmagic, GoPro, Leica, Miro, Arri, and JVC.

To emphasize we can see video equipment is quite extensive.

But you can make HD videos with a Kodak Z or Flip Pocket Video Camera for less than $100.

Surprisingly perhaps a smart phone or iPad may be all that you may need.

While a GoPro Hero for a few hundred bucks, the quality will amaze you.

Also you don’t need new equipment with research you can find some great video gear at a bargain.

However Look at Craigslist, Ebay, Amazon, etc. or maybe at a camera store, pawn shop, thrift store, penny saver, etc.

As a result of people move up in new equipment they sell perfectly fine equipment sometimes at a real bargain.

In conclusion only buy the video equipment that you need.