Market Product

Can be as simple as show and tell with hungry buyers.

To market product effectively one needs to understand a little about human psychology, people will buy what they like, not what they need.

How to market product: Do you have a product? Do you have a market? Many times people start out in marketing with the idea that if they can just come up with a product all they have to do is sell it and they will be rich.

Ever have a lemon-aide stand? We’ll I did.

It was a hot summer day in Rochester, New York. I thought I had a great idea as to how I could market product and make some extra money.

Well I ended up drinking my profits.

Don’t let this happen to you.

You see there is no shortage of products, and product ideas. But are there Buyers for your product?

Before you spend your time, effort, and possibly a lot of money it is prudent to do some homework.

How about doing it backwards, first find the market. Next create your marketing plan that leads to your marketing campaign. This is how to take a product to market really. You may even run a campaign with no product to test the market and then find, or create your product. This way you will have a product that you know is in demand.

Find a market that has a desire, need, problem, or pain they need addressed, and plenty of money in which to address it.

How to market product, Grand Grocery Co Lincoln Neb LOC
Small market with adverting everywhere.

How to market a product, Grand Grocery Co Lincoln Neb LOC—The Library of Congress (Flickr.coI am going to propose an idea that might sound a little strange at first instead of finding, or creating a product first, and then trying to go to market.

Once you have chosen a market it is time to do some research.

Where do you find the people in this niche that you have selected?

Are they on-line or off-line, etc.? What are their demographics (sex, age, education, income, etc.)?

What is their mind set? How do they communicate, and interact with each other?

You see the more you know and understand about your target audience/market the better you can target, and interact with them.

Now knowing who your target market is, what their problem is, where you can find them, and anything else you can find out to better address them you can now create your marketing plan, the plan of how you go to market.

Your marketing plan is a plan of action. The marketing plan will dictate how to create and roll out your marketing campaign.

The marketing campaign is the living breathing marketing plan in action.

Once you have the marketing plan, and therefore your campaign it is time to create, or select the product that answers the target markets need.

Launch your campaign and monitor the results using Google analytics software. Really stay on top of your business. Respond immediately to your market, and really listen to what they say. Cut your losses on anything that is not giving you a good ROI ‘return on investment’. Test, test, and re-test to fine tune your campaign.

A little adjustment could be all the difference between success, and failure.

The important thing is to take action, get started. Nothing is perfect, and Rome wasn’t built in a day.

You can’t win unless you are in the game, so go cautiously but go, keep your eyes on the ball, and open all the way, never give up because you can’t lose if you don’t quit.

Now you know how to market product.

Here is to your Success!!!