The best way to connect with your audience.

Marketing video has now become the vehicle of best choice to successfully market and sell just about anything and everything under the sun.

Just go online and you will see video everywhere, FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Periscope, YouTube, Yahoo, Bing, Google+, and on product, or services salespages. Video is everywhere offline as well, on t.v.’s , billboards, signs, cellphones.

Video as a resource is pretty much available to everyone. You too can market with video just use some imagination and check out these tools below:

You can make a video with just YouTube alone, and be marketing video in no time.

All you need is a youtube account, here is how: sign in to your youtube account and then go to ‘CREATOR STUDIO’ or ‘VIDEO MANAGER’ on the left hand side of the page scroll down to ‘CREATE’ click on it now scroll down to ‘VIDEO EDITOR’ just below ‘CREATE’. Click on ‘VIDEO EDITOR’ viola’ you have a video editor you can freely use to create a marketing video.

Now there is a big blacked out area on the top left of the page, go just right of the blacked out area and you will see a symbol that looks kind of like a video camera from the side with a red underline. Click the next symbol on the right the one with a cc and a circle around it. The cc stands for creative commons. YouTube is freely giving any videos in the creative commons area for anyone to use including you to create a video by using the video editor on the page.

Marketing video, youtube

YouTube’s video editor is fun to use.

It is simple, over the blacked out area there is a line with the words “My Edited Video” this is where you name your new video that you are about to create. Next move to the area below the icons be sure you clicked the cc icon and the red underline is now below the cc. Now type something into the “Search Videos” area just below the icons. The videos you see that populate the area below the search area are yours to use.

You can select one or more of these videos and drag them to just below the blacked out area and now the video is on the screen of was just previously a blacked out area.

Now it gets FUN you can create really cool videos add music which is in creative commons music from youtube as well.

You can make a video for cheap or maybe even for free with whatever you can bring together on your desktop even coping a Power Point type Video, Animated or not.

All you need is a copy of screen capture software which you can get from many sources the highest praised of these is from a company called ‘Tech Smith’ with a product called “Camtasia” it costs around $299 for a windows / pc copy and around $99 for a mac version, BUT a qualifying student can get a copy for FREE.

ScreenFlow by telestream for macs is also very highly praised software by users and by apple $99.

There are many other various screen capture softwares, you can find many online even on, and

I have found a couple of FREE marketing video offerings which may appeal to you.

Cam Studio is free open source software. If you have a pc Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 Screen Capture SP2
Microsoft Expressions software is FREE and it is Fantastic, I love this software, try it and I believe you will love it too.

There are many more software titles available but I believe I have named a few of the very best. A little research here and you will have yet another way to create videos.

By the way besides many of today’s basic cameras, action sports cameras, DSLR video cameras. You are probably packing a HD video camera in your pocket or purse right now in the form of a cell phone. The video from the average cell phone can create a stunning HD quality video with ease.

Now the only thing left is to monetize your phenomenal video. Now you’re marketing video.

On YouTube you put the link (link to a web page or for example a ClickBank, JVZoo, Warrior Forum, ect.) product in the description below your video and add an annotation while in the Video Manager / Edit function on your finished video. I often use the Speech Bubble Annotation to give my “Call to Action” to have viewers ‘click on my link in the description below to find out more’.
Monetization is where the money meets all your effort, there is much more to this subject then I can cover here.
Till next time, have fun creating Video and you will soon be in business.