Product Launches can impact our lives similarly to fire and the wheel.

As a matter of fact Product Launches create substance in the digital world they provide products as solutions and establish the marketplace.

Consequently new products are the life blood and darlings of every business.

Therefore make no mistake we are not living in caves.

Accordingly with each advance from new products we progress as a civilization to a better and higher standard of life.

In fact Product Launches are happening continuously all around us.

At the present time are you in business?

Product launches

1970 s inventions that changed our way of life—brizzle born and bred (

Would you like to be in business sooner or later?

Identically online and offline brick and mortar business need products and customers.

Thereupon you need to stay in touch with what is going on in order to compete or just stay afloat.

At this instant as I type this I am sure there is another great product ready to hit the market.

Presently nothing covers the release of new products and their product launches like video.

And by all means is all about video in all of its forms including the launching of products.

Up to the present time I have produced many videos on products and their Launches on YouTube.

In the first place check out my Hottest Launches of 2016.

Secondly check out Video MakerFX.

Then you must check out Explandio.

Moreover this is just the tip of the iceberg.

So in the following posts I will be reviewing products the best I can to serve you.

With this in mind this ought to be fun.

You can check some of my videos on this site as well as YouTube.

Further here are just a few.

To begin with iGloo – Josh Ratta

In fact iGloo is a launch platform for online businesses.

It comes with a social contest system to generate a viral social buzz before and during your launch.

In general this is how to use iGloo App?

For example launching your product you need JV pages, up-sell pages, landing pages thank you pages, bridge pages etc.

In particular iGloo comes with the fastest most advanced drag and drop page builder with fully customizable templates.

In fact launching an online business has never been easier view the demo to see it live in action.

Once you try it yourself, you’ll never go back.

To be sure iGloo is an incredible Product.

Equally important is the fact that this software is first class and of the highest quality.

To repeat iGloo is a super flexible page builder.

Furthermore it comes with every customization option you could ever want in order to build your web pages.

Nevertheless there is no learning curve

Specifically iGloo is a front end drag and drop page builder simply drag and drop elements and start editing.

Additionally launch contests.

Indeed iGloo includes a viral social contest creator that generates a viral buzz and traffic around your launch.

Not to mention iGloo videos of mine.

In short LIVE LEAP

Moreover Live Leap is the world’s first and only Facebook Live video syndication tool.

In the first place your live feed goes directly to your Facebook pages, groups, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Then even people on your email list and mobile numbers go Live.

Important to realize Luke Maguire and Anthony Morrison teamed up from across the globe to bring us Live Leap.

In fact you got to see their full presentation by clicking the link to understand this true paradigm shift,

As an illustration some Live Leap videos of mine.

 In conclusion product launches constantly recreate the digital market place.