VideoMakerFX is truly the first video creation software for everyone.

VideoMakerFX to sum up the first of its kind an animated explainer video creator software designed for use by anyone who can use a computer.


Animated explainer video creation before VideoMakerFX.

Important to realize in the past you had to pay someone else thousands of dollars.

Additionally you would just end up with one video.

You only see it when the bill is due and what a bill it would be.

But not with VideoMakerFX for much less than the cost of one outsourced animated video.

Hence you own the software that can make animated explainer videos on demand any time for life.

I purchased VideoMakerFX when it first became available on May 5, 2014.

I also purchased the two OTO’s VideoProfitFX Training and Themes plus the ProThemes Add on Membership.

Moreover I have personally created all kinds of these videos.

As an illustration short ones I use from time to time as ice breaker videos on some of my webpage’s.

I have also made a few of these for a couple of businesses.

In fact I watermarked the videos and actually e-mailed short previews to my clients.

I love this software because it opens the door to endless creativity.

In fact this product became the number one best-selling product of all time on

Very important to realize with VideoProfitFX you can find customers for your videos and this will mean dollars for you.

Equally important the man behind VideoMakerFX is Peter Roszak a true gentleman who has given serious support, updates and training.

In the event that you are fortunate enough to get your hands on a copy of it you will see.

In any event Video Maker FX will have you playing with the software just amazed at what you can create.

Not only VideoMakerFX out of the box but installed on your computer and creating a video step by step.

Then the first thing that will happen is the software will ask you to “create project”.

In reality that means enter a name into the software that it can use to place the new video under.

Therefore you now chose and add a slide.

When you press add slide in the bottom left corner a box opens with all of the slides.

At first you only see names of slide themes on the left of the box.

As a matter of fact click any theme and individual slides will appear in the center of the box.

Thus chose any slide and you see a preview of that slide in the right side of the box.

Likewise now just click add slide, add all slides, or cancel on the bottom right of the box.

When you add a slide or a group of slides you have started to create a video.

In like manner just use the area on the right to adjust and create one slide at a time.

Till you end up with a full-blown video.

After all making these videos is a real blast.

Why would anyone have someone else create their videos when you can have so much fun making your own?

You can control so many things about the slides that it will amaze you.

When you need to leave in the middle of a project you can save the project.

And when you are ready the project you were working on is available just how you left it.

So you can proceed.

For the purpose of working with slides you will be working in the light blue area.

On the top right text images shapes animation and then a symbol for video.

Consequently click any of these and you will discover the options available.

To clarify for that slide in the left side of the light blue area the basic presentation area.

Similarly there is more on the bottom right you will see a slide delay and background effects.

In like manner you can now go to audio settings on the top to add your background music.

In addition you can add a second sound track to add your voice to the video.

Consequently now it is time to find out what you have.

So click on preview project located in the middle at the top and check it out.

Provided that you like what you see and hear click the next button to the right export project.

As long as the project is still in the open project area you can modify anything you wish.

Not to mention there really is no limit to what you can create with VideoMakerFX and a little imagination.

Then again add the ProThemes Add On Membership and every month you will receive additional slides increasing your options.

To emphasize the VideoProfitFX can find thousands of customers in just a few clicks of the mouse.

Overall I have to say the complete Video Maker FX software package by Peter Roszak is great.

Above all it has to be one of the best investments I have made into and for my internet business.

For this reason I just can’t see how anyone could go wrong with this.

However if you think it’s not a good fit for you just simply exercise the guarantee.

By all means grab your copy of the number one seller on JVZoo of all time Video Maker FX.


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