SEO for Dummies

Search Engine Optimization.

SEO, for Dummies: Make it so the searchers can find you.

SEO for Dummies-NOT, or SEO for the rest of us.

Optimizing for the search engines like GoogleYouTubeBing, etc.

You may be looking to make money online, there are many ways to do this, but the preferred method is to get a hold of some internet real estate/domain and build shop/website put up an open for business sign and bring in customers and the money.

Now on the surface this sounds great, and pretty easy. Wow all you have to do is think of a cool name for your website and buy this for around 10-13 dollars for the year, then get some hosting for say about 10 dollars a month, then if you are aggressive enough and don’t want to spend a lot of money you could go to YouTube and watch videos on how to build a web site. Sounds easy and fun huh?

Well this is only part of the story because even if you can do all of the above you need customers to buy whatever you want to sell.

Now you can pay the search engines to bring you customers, a science all unto itself. Or you could make your new website search friendly and get what is referred to as free traffic from SEO.

But the truth you will end up paying one way or another because the paid traffic cost money and the free traffic costs time, and probably some money somewhere down the road.

Search Engines receive random searches all of the time from people looking for something on the internet. The search engines organize all the information they find on the internet the best they can. The search engines connect the searchers to this indexed information. So it makes sense you will want your information indexed with the search engines. The better you do at organizing and optimizing your information the more the search engines will show your website to people searching for what you say you have.

Just a note being 100% truthful with the information is advised because the search engines are able to piece together the information they find and can figure out just about anything.

Now that you know that the people who run the search engines are very smart, therefore the search bots are in turn built very smart, it would be very smart to give them exactly what they are looking for. One way to do this is go to Google and Bing and ask them any question you have in a search.

Seo for dummies, SEO All-In-One for Dummies at the Wiley booth

Seo for dummies, SEO All-In-One for Dummies at the Wiley booth—Bruce Clay Inc (

But here’s the basics. The search engines take in search queries typed in a browser, this it called a keyword. The key words you use on your website are what the search engine uses to put you together with the person doing the searching. The rest of this refinement of this basic principle. That refinement is what is usually referred to as SEO.

Is SEO for Dummies? I don’t think so.

So let’s refine it. First the name of your domain should help the search engine find it. Is your main keyword in your domain name?
Does the title you have chosen for you domain relate to the main keyword in your domain name?
Example: main keyword: dogs stop barking/dogsstopbarking.
Title: Teach your dog not to bark. Do you see how the search engines will find you when someone types in the search box “stop dog barking”?

Now as you build your website with each new page comes a page name, that pages url, you Need to make sure that the keyword that you are building that page around is in the name of the page like the example above “training” is the keyword and training also related to “dogs stop barking”.

Really the basics of SEO is more of the same with everything on your website the pictures, the videos, the banners, etc. all need to be labeled so that they relate to their chosen keywords, so the search engine knows what your site and pages are about. The better the search engine knows what your website is all about the better you will do.

Is SEO for Dummies? Ask Google