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It would be a good idea to have a working knowledge and understanding of SEO and the benefits for you, your company, your brand, your website, and your internet presence before choosing to select, or not select SEO Services Los Angeles.

The old methods of SEO that were used to get out of Google the best ranking possible, like keyword stuffing does not work anymore.

The Google search engine bots’ working algorithm has been refined and developed to a point where it can now interpret the contents on a page/site when that content is formatted for a better users experience as opposed to a better bots’ experience as done in times past.

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Today a large part of on-page SEO is creating and providing great relevant and engaging content.

Social media plays a big part in sharing that great content because great content will be popular with its targeted audience. People like…people share, Google sees the interaction and increases your page/site’s ranking thus increasing exposure. This is the heart and soul of what today’s SEO is all about.

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Google wants its users to have a great experience therefore it monitors websites page speed (how fast a requested page loads), the user’s average time on site, and the bounce rate. ‘Bounce rate’ is the percentage of single-page sessions (i.e. sessions in which the person left your site from the entrance page without interacting with the page).” – Google. You can monitor much of this and more by installing Google Analytic from Google Webmaster Tools on your site/ sites.

SEO is getting a lot more specialized than in the past. Competition to bring in business on the internet is at a all time high. Los Angeles is one of the largest cities in the world with a highly charged and aggressive business community. Does in not make sense to give yourself the best chance of success.

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Google has instituted new Authority parameters to showcase your great content.

Rel=Author: mechanism whereby Google witnesses that you authored the specific content.

Rel=Publisher: mechanism whereby Google witnesses that you published the specific content.

Direct Traffic: traffic coming directly to your site/page and not thru search engine referral.

Co-citation: is similar to inbound links without the link. Your brand is referenced in some context somewhere online and the Google bot finds it and gives you credit for it.

Branded Anchor Text: is anchor text connecting to you from someone else referring to your Brand in the text that is shown on the originating clickable link.

Relevancy: content that relates well to your user, the keyword and search query.

When you, your brand, your page/site is recognized (linked to) by other authority sites their recognition gives you authority.

All of the SEO techniques previously mentioned and more are easily handled for you and your business by SEO Services Los Angeles.

The layout of your website can play a big role in Google’s determination as to the ranking of your site. Making it easier for Google’s search bot to understand what your website is about. Organizing your information in silos (groups) a method of connecting pages and posts can help Google’s search bot better understand your site.
SEO is a science and an art. Google and the other search engines are constantly evolving and your web presence needs to keep up or you run the risk of falling off of the search results and losing all of that fantastic organic traffic.

When you have a business you need to run your business so it may be a great idea to find someone that knows the SEO business and give them your business.

SEO Services Los Angeles.

Happy hunting!