SEO Video Marketing

Tips: how to rank on the first page of Google, and YouTube using

SEO Video Marketing.

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Video is a digital commercial online, internet advertising at its finest.

Video is the number one marketing tool on the web today.

SEO Video Marketing just makes good sense.

You can have free organic traffic from Google , YouTube, and Bing. for your videos, websites, etc.

94% of web searchers will only look at the first page of the SERP’s or ‘search engine results page’. You need to use SEO Video Marketing to get there.

90% of web traffic is video.

Video increases the sales of your products by up to 20-40%.

Video viewers are 85% more likely to buy your product after seeing your video.

80% of internet users watch videos online regularly.

63% of the time spent on the web is on video.

Video is informative, entertaining, easily shared, and has the potential to go viral.

YouTube is the largest video site, the third largest web site, and the second largest search engine

YouTube had over 2 Billion views per day in 2012, and over 4 billion views per day at the end of 2013.

Video use is up, and keeps going up.

People are getting massive exposure for themselves their business, their products, and services with YouTubeSEO Video Marketing can get you there.Video Marketing

32% of internet traffic is on YouTube.

Besides YouTube there are many other video sites such as: dailymotionvimeoustreamblipviddlerhowcastmetacafefacebook, and many other websites.

54% of all internet traffic is video traffic.

For every keyword, there are 4.6 million articles written, for every keyword, there are only 16,000 videos made. Video has the opportunity to be seen, no pun intended.

YouTube is an Authority site.

Videos on YouTube rank on YouTube and Google that is 2 rankings for 1 video.

Use SEO Video Marketing to get in front of your ideal customer.

Perform keyword research before creating your videos.
Research your competitors and their videos.

Create your video around the keyword you researched and selected.

Use your keyword in first few seconds of your video.

Transcribe your video by hand so that the transcription is clear and accurate instead of relying on YouTube to translates the best it can from what it hears. Place your typed transcription on notepad, then go to YouTube find your uploaded video click on edit then go to captions and click on that, then go to the + Add button in blue and click it then go to upload file and upload the file you created on notepad. Now the keyword shows up transcribed as well as spoken now the video can be found by YouTube for a search result.

Name the original raw video file you created as your chosen keyword and save it to your computer. This way YouTube can index your video under your keyword when they crawl it online again increasing the likelihood that your video will rank higher.

Write a 500 word description with your keyword naturally placed. Do not stuff keywords in the description, or tags.

Use Google related search terms that you see at the bottom of the pages of search results for your chosen keyword on a Google search of your keyword. Use 12 – 15 of these keywords in your tags.

Put the three (3) YouTube url’s (video site url, raw video url, and video url) in your description, providing more ways for your video to be found and clicked on, resulting in more back-links to your video, helping to better rank your video.

SEO Video Marketing requires your video to be optimized on page, and off page. And the video needs to have organic back-links that come from around the web including the social media sites.