Above all SEO Video Marketing brings you your ideal prospect for FREE!

Chiefly SEO Video Marketing starts with creating a 70 characters compelling keyword rich title that searchers and search engines understand.

Seo video marketing

Seo video marketing, Paul Carff Google—TopRankMarketing (Flickr.com)

In short Keyword Research builds the foundation for all good SEO.

First of all marketers should perform keyword research before creating a video.

At the present time Video has nothing like the Google Keyword Planner.

In the meantime Enter keywords into a YouTube search window and use some of the auto fill suggestions.

Similarly “Question Samurai from Noble Samurai” is a keyword research tool for Google, and YouTube.

Besides keyword research tools work for video SEO.

Also marketers must be sure to use their keyword in the first few seconds of their video.

Of course the headline is the name of your video.

In any event the title of the video includes the keyword.

In general add ‘review’ to the product name for affiliate marketing videos, example “Hottest Affiliate Product Review”.

Likewise adding words such as reviews, demo, bonus all work great in the affiliate marketing video niche.

To clarify the description is a big part of identifying your video for YouTube and Google.

Creators of videos should use the keyword a couple of times in the videos description, and also in the tags.

Wise people also include a fairly lengthy description for the search engines.

In the same fashion include the videos URL in the video description.

After all quality Content in your video will put your video on top of the search results.

To put it another way creating and rendering the very best videos that you can will bring in the masses.

Nothing beats content ‘the actual video’ after all everything other than content is really window dressing.

After all people come to YouTube for the videos not the name of the videos.

Another key point linking internally, and externally

Of course video SEO people will use Social Media, and all type of sites to link to video.

In particular links to Authority sites can really add Google love.

And also use the descriptions, tags, annotations, and playlists to create internal links between videos even have on different channels.

Promote your videos on social media sites especially Google+.

By all means do not overlook bookmarking sites.

Likewise tips for a little boost in Video SEO.

To begin with I name the original raw video file I created with my keyword.

I also add a Title, Subtitle, 5 Star Rating, Comments, and Tags to the “details tab” of the video icon.

Of course the deaf rely on the Closed Captions.

Consequently don’t leave the interpretation of the Closed Caption to YouTube.

The YouTube and Googlebot are better at reading then listening.

As a matter of fact YouTube is the largest video site, third largest web site, and second largest search engine.

Indeed YouTube had over a billion users.(https://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html)

Certainly people are getting massive exposure for themselves their business, their products, and services with YouTube.

Markedly 32% of internet traffic is on YouTube.

Of course YouTube is an Authority site in Googles eyes.

Videos on YouTube can rank on YouTube and Google that is 2 rankings for 1 video.

Therefore it makes good sense for video marketers like you to upload your videos to YouTube.

Besides YouTube there are many other video sites such as dailymotion, vimeo, ustream, blip, howcast, metacafe, facebook, etc.

Surely you can use SEO Video Marketing to have YouTube and Google bring your target market your videos.

In brief statistics regarding SEO Video Marketing

To emphasize approximately 94% of searchers will only look at the first page of the results of their search.

Furthermore Video Traffic is 54% of all internet traffic.

As a matter of fact video can increase sales by 20-40%.

In general video viewers are 85% more likely to buy your product.

With this in mind just think about it what do you do online?

Likewise I bet it involves video.

Viewers find it so much easier to watch then read; besides most people just understand things better with video.

In Summary

After all give YouTube/ Google/ Bing what they want and satisfy the searchers and the rewards will be forth coming.

Your work will receive positive results because you are leaving a trail for the search engines to follow.

Additionally the video will start to show up in the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages).

To repeat you will receive free organic traffic from Google, and YouTube.

Finally making it easier for Google, and YouTube to understand more about your videos, results in higher rankings.

In conclusion SEO Video Marketing just makes good sense.


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