Business Proposal Template thus frames the offer to transact business

Business Proposal Template not only used with government or corporation issued ‘request for proposal’ but also used to solicit any business.

Business Proposal Template

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In general what is a Business Proposal Template?

In fact many people think that a Business Proposal Template is really a form of a Business Plan.

Nevertheless this is not the case each form has its place in business.

In the first place a Business Proposal Template has a structured format to draft Business Proposals.

Propose a business offering from your company to another company entity or government.

The proposal should generally include the three P’s Problem, Problem Solution, and of course Price.

Certainly the basic form of the proposal should state your purpose as to what you offer in a few paragraphs.

In addition see simplified example of a business proposal below:

In brief: Proposal for XYZ Corporation Delivery of XXX product.

Since ABC Company will deliver 30 cases of XXX product from our main warehouse facility to XYZ corp.

In time every month on the 1st of the month at XYZ Corporations XXX Plant Any City, USA.

Thus ABC Company guarantees to XYZ Corp. the delivery of said product on the agreed schedule

And also guarantees the quality of product XXX.

Or the XYZ Corp. as a result reimburses all expenses plus an additional 100% performance guarantee.

Within 7 days of failure to perform in time from ABC Company.

To emphasize as with any document much thought and research should go into its contents.

Have a ‘fish or cut bait’ attitude when writing a proposal because it will cost time energy and expense.

Moreover can you work within their terms parameters time tables etc?

When considering a RFP (request for proposal) for example you really must do your homework.

Specifically in response only draft the proposal in the soliciting entities accepted format.

Before you start to write your proposals take the time to really think about the prospect.

And therefore mentally ‘walk a mile’ in the prospects shoes as it were.

Consequently consider their problem your solution and can you deliver at the right price?

Additionally the proposal should be 100% about what’s in it for the prospect not what’s in it for you.

Likewise make sure you know and are prepared to include exactly what will satisfy the prospect with the perfect bait.

Not to mention let the prospect know that you are completely at their disposal to deliver their solution.

By all means in the manner that only you and your company can.

For one thing should you be delivering your proposal in person stay relaxed focus only on serving your prospect.

Furthermore do not lose your focus dealing with a cell phone laptop or anything else.

Above all present your proposal having the confidence that you are the perfect match for your prospect

After all you are a professional in business so use the tools wisely that pertain to your business and prosper.

In conclusion Business Proposal Templates give you the power to create business which means more money for you.


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