SEO for Dummies all things considered is not easy so don’t be a dummy.

SEO for Dummies implies that anyone can do search engine optimization to Google standards for themselves by following simple instructions.

SEO for Dummies is to be sure a marketing phrase as to the simplicity of SEO with their information.

SEO can be easy with the right information even a dummy can do it, so you certainly can.

Dummies SEO or Seo for dummies

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In reality SEO can be complex along with constantly changing search engine algorithms, Pandas and Penguins etc.

To be sure on the surface this sounds great, and pretty easy.

After all just come up with a cool name for your website and buy the URL for a few dollars.

Then get some hosting for say about 10 dollars a month.

As well as go to YouTube and watch videos on how to build a web site.

Certainly sounds easy and fun huh?

Even if you can do all of the above you still need customers to buy whatever you sell.

Above all the need for traffic

In essence you can pay the search engines to bring you customers, a science all unto itself.

Or optimize your website thus receiving free organic traffic.

Traffic has a cost even when it’s free.

You will end up paying because the paid traffic cost money and the free traffic costs time and possibly money.

After all the need for SEO

To begin with it has always been part of the American Dream to own property.

Equally important today the dream includes internet property.

For this reason many people prefer to own internet real estate to build a business upon.

SEO makes it so the searchers can find your business.

Optimize your website thus receiving free organic traffic.

To put it another way optimizing for the search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, etc.

In general the basic functions of search engines

In the first place the search engines organize all the information they find on the internet the best they can.

Additionally search Engines receive random searches all of the time from people looking for something on the internet.

Likewise search engines match searchers keyword queries to the indexed internet properties “URL’s” content and keyword structure.

Finally the search engines connect the searchers to this indexed information.

Above all be wise find out and give the search engines what they want.

So it makes sense you will want your information indexed with the search engines.

Optimize your information so the search engines will show your website to people searching for what you have.

Do not try to fool the search engines they can find out anything that is online.

Above all check out Google and Bing webmaster tools to find out more on requirements and parameters.

Use search engine searches to learn even more about the search engines from the search engines.

Surprisingly basic foundation of SEO

Firstly the name/ title of your domain should help the search engines find it.

Moreover is your main keyword in your domain name/ title?
For example: main keyword: Dog Barking.

Do you see how the search engines will find you when someone types in the search box stop dog barking?

In particular make sure that the keyword that you are building each page around is in the page name.

Similarly SEO is more of the same with everything on your website the pictures, the videos, the banners, etc.

In fact the better the search engine understands what your website is all about the better you will do.

SEO makes it so the searchers can find you.

In conclusion SEO for Dummies or Dummies SEO is not so easy so don’t be a dummy.


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