The ultimate universal communications vehicle available today.

Video has been and still is the medium of choice in communications from the movies to television to computer monitors and now the internet.

Video has been with us for three generations. It was first created with celluloid film. Hollywood’s created a whole new industrial complex, the movie industry. Every town had a movie theater. Video was soon followed by television and commercials.

The availability of video equipment opened the door to professional movie making for just about anyone who was bitten by the bug and had the desire.
As technology progressed digital cameras and digital video cameras became available to the public. The digital format had ushered in a new age that spelled the end of celluloid film. This really hurt Industry giants like Kodak, etc. who could not adapt their infrastructure fast enough to effectively gear up to the digital age, much like how Detroit couldn’t rework their infrastructure to adapt to building the new smaller automobiles with robots.


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Now the video playing field was moving very fast toward software as opposed to the mechanically complex hardware of days gone by. So digital software replaced analog mechanical and duplication came at a vastly reduced cost and a vastly increased ease of manufacturing.

Manufacturing had evolved as well along the lines of mass production.

Skilled labor was needed less and less for production as a result many Companies pulled up roots and moved for economic reasons to places like Hong Kong, China, etc. Prices dropped with labor costs and new technology became available to just about everyone.
While all the above was happening new developments in processing information were abounding in the telecommunications industry. Some of the results were things like the Fax machine.

The computers went from using Electron Tubes to Solid State Transistor Devices for processing. Computers used to take up huge complexes now fit in a small enclosure at a desk.
Then just about the time of the advent of the Personal Computer the Telecommunications Industry and the Military Complex released the Internet to the public. This paradigm shift to being connected online all but spelled the end of its predecessor the Fax machine.
The telecommunications industry brought us beepers then the “Brick” the original huge Motorola cell phone.

Technology has been moving at a furious pace and those who can ‘t keep up are thrown to the way side. It is now a time of being digitally fit.

The younger generation was brought up in this digital expansion. And have had the least problem in adapting to it.

This revolution in technology has created a new economy, the digital economy. Many people have turned to the Internet to carve out their entrepreneurial livelihood, including yours truly many more are sure to follow.
I find myself on the Net every day. I live online. I remember in the beginning we all used dial up modems to connect, and 8, and16 bit computer processors were the norm. There were no blogs and Forums were called Bulletin Boards. Google was not even a glimmer in its creator’s eye. Graphics were bland. Video was nonexistent. In short the Internet in its infancy was primitive in every way to what we have today.

Fast-forward to 2016 and high speed internet access is common place. Quad processors and 64 bit computers are everywhere. Pads, Laptops, Smart phones, etc are now the vehicles on the Net highway.

All of the advances in technology in both hardware and software have made Video the hot ticket on the Internet.

Tell me do you prefer reading to watching ?
Video can communicate in a type of universal language. If a picture is worth a thousand words how much more is a video worth?

The Internet can now support High Definition Video. The Big Boys use video to market their wares. Don’t you think you need to adapt?

Video can be created by Software like Power Point, Video Camera including a Web Cam, Screen Capture Software, Animated Graphic Software called Explainer Videos and Doodle Software.

We are now in the age of Internet Digital Video and I have become an Internet Digital Videographer, are you with me?