Indeed Video the digital tool that rules all the other digital tools.

Surely video is the digital medium of choice for all online and offline communications to friend’s family associate’s clients and prospects.

Finally the birth and development of motion pictures has come to pass.

Thomas Edison invented the Motion Picture Camera in 1895 and then he created “The Very First Movie” in 1899.
Prior to digital code it was film that stored motion pictures.
Hollywood was formerly a Real Estate Development Project to sell homes.

However because of its location Hollywood became the center of the motion picture industry.
film had sound added in 1927, thus the era of the ‘talkies’ began.
Moreover television was born in the 1920’s.

Further advances in equipment and mass production made movie making more accessible.
Also  Steven Sasson  Kodak invented and built the first electronic camera using a charge-coupled device image sensor in 1975.

Indeed Eastman Kodak a major producer of film and, cameras lost much of its business in the digital age.

Eventually motion pictures shifted to the new digital format and away from film.



Film finally lost its appeal.
The digital age was by all means here.
Manufacturing evolved because of mass production.
Likewise digital software reduced the cost of manufacturing.
Additionally prices dropped along with labor costs.

Equally important the growth of other associated digital technologies.

For example telecommunications advances resulted in the fax, pagers, cell phones,
Because computers went from using Tubes to Solid State the processing power went up and size went down.
Transistors replaced vacuum tubes because of their efficiency.

Technology has consequently created a new economy, the digital economy.

Baby Boomers play a large role in the digital age as a result of living it.
Of course many people turn to the Internet to make money,
Additionally I find myself on the Net every day,
I live online and have since the start.
As an illustration in the beginning we all used dial-up modems to connect online.
For one thing Google was not even a glimmer in its creator’s eye.
By the same token there was no Social Media.
Not to mention graphics were bland.
In particular video was nonexistent.
In fact most sites were Bulletin Boards.
Moreover almost all that we experience today did not exist.

With this in mind the internet of today is really fantastic.

For one thing internet access speed has gone way up.
Today’s computers can process more information than ever before.
Today’s cell phone can do more than most computers a few short years ago.
Specifically the advances in technology have made Video the hot ticket online.
In General do you prefer reading or watching?

Important to realize that video communicates to everyone.

After all a picture is worth a thousand words what is a video worth?
Corporations use video because it works.
Marketers use video for the same reason.
Video out sells all other digital mediums, more than eBooks, e-mails, pod casts, websites, etc.

Finally YouTube and Google are working for you.

To begin with YouTube is huge YouTube is a Video Marketers dream.

Furthermore Google owns YouTube.

Google loves YouTube too.
In fact YouTube is the #2 search engine, Google is #1.
In general Google and YouTube have cornered the internet.
Important to realize you can get this team working for you.
In this case don’t you think you need to adapt?

In conclusion I have become a Video Marketer.