Internet traffic will bring you customers so let it be bumper to bumper.

Internet traffic is the life blood of all online business without it the internet would be a ghost town barren, void, and without life.


As a matter of fact a sale made is the beginning of success in business.

It takes a minimum of two entities to conclude a sale, the seller and of course the buyer.

When you have a website identified with a URL you have positioned your virtual store online.

In the same fashion you now have an address on the vast void of digital highway.

In the first place internet travelers need to find your site to do business with you.

Another key point many of these are searching for a website like yours, how do they find you?

In fact it is the search engines function to give the best possible results for the searchers request.

Search engines need to have websites indexed with them in order to be a result of a searchers keyword search.

Of course the search engine needs to know your site exists.

In addition the more the search engines know about your site the better for it to classify your site.

To put it differently it doesn’t matter what you do on-line or what your niche is you need visitors.

For one thing the big corporations with huge websites pay big money for their online visitors.

Not only does traffic have a cost, but so does the infrastructure needed to handle receive and process it.

Think Domain Name Servers, Internet Routers, Web Hosting Servers, Websites, Merchant Services, Fulfillment Centers, and so on.

By the same token search engines connect searchers or internet traffic to internet properties thru their keyword searches.

Equally Google, Bing, and Yahoo are Search Engines which charge for advertising online known as P.P.C. or Pay per Click.

This type of online traffic will start immediately when paid for and you will get exposure.

Moreover Google Bing and Yahoo offer many tools to research keywords such as the Google Keyword Planner.

They also provide many other tools to help your website increase visitors, or web traffic, and therefore sales.

To emphasize many people prefer the Pay per Click method of generating internet traffic for their business.

Accordingly the advertiser puts your advertisement on their internet property and by their sheer traffic you get exposure.

Together with the structure of you website and the quality of your content determines how long a visitor stays.

Your chances to make more sales and get even more referrals goes way up the longer a visitor stays.

So even here with paid advertising it makes sense to do a little SEO – Search Engine Optimization.

Certainly free internet traffic includes SEO, Twitter, Google Plus, You Tube, Google Hangouts, YouTube Live, Social Media, Blogs, Forums, and Traffic Exchanges.

If you do a little research you can find many offers of Free Traffic on-line, but be careful.
In conclusion you get what you pay for with time and or money spent.