Vid marketing sells more products than other form of marketing online.

Vid marketing is effective because our eyes go directly to our brains and we react faster to visual stimuli than to any other form of input.

vid marketing


Certainly moving pictures attracts and entertains us making the world seem to stop the pleasing visual stimuli totally involves us.

Adding sound transports us to another world far from the cares of this world if only for a little while.

We look for choice opportunities to escape, therefore lifting us up to a higher level.

In case you don’t believe me just take a good look around you what do you see?

In general people live in different worlds caught up in a movie, a show, a video game, their smart phone.

As a result people are consuming video at an incredible rate.

In fact our love of visual stimulation builds Hollywood.

Indeed movies took our minds off the reality of a depression, and two world wars.

Similarly people lived in a better virtual world thru cinema.

While the actors and actresses became part of our collective consciousness of good and evil.

As a result the Hollywood movie industry created a whole other reality for the viewer.
Technology which gained momentum from mass production as well as naval and military developments brought us the television.

In particular television visually brought the news into our homes mixed in an addicting blend of shows, movies, and commercials.

Consequently the road of our recent past history and military development has brought us the Internet.

To emphasize in the beginning people accessed the internet with ordinary telephone lines.

In that case dial-up modems bridged computers and fax machines to the telephone lines.

Moreover the original dial-up modem was maybe 14K bits per second.

Eventually the dial-up modems claimed a top speed of 56K.

The internet could only support text such as bulletin boards on the limited bandwidth.

Further bandwidth is the path that digital information travels on, the wider the path the more it can carry.

Eventually cable, satellite, fiber optics and modems gave us multiple mega bits per second.

For one thing graphics needs a wider path to support the flow of a larger amount of information.

For instance with the increase of bandwidth the bulletin boards evolved into the forums.

Therefore In a relatively short period the bandwidth could support video.

At the present time the bandwidth can support 4k video on YouTube, WOW!

Meanwhile the P.C. became our Pandora’s Box thanks to Microsoft, Apple, Atari, Commodore, Oracle, AOL, Netscape and the like.

Of course with greater speed and bandwidth come more video, and vid marketing.

Finally the internet has become a collective Hub a place to gather and share information, and ourselves.

All of our technologies are converging online for example the smart phone, smart television.

Also the internet has created a new economy a growing healthy economy.

Hence this economy is created by the sales and marketing of physical and digital products and services.

In conclusion vid marketing is the vehicle that is responsible for the majority of all sales and marketing online.