YouTube is Google’s video machine indexing more video than anyone.

In fact YouTube ‘tune in hook up’ a video share date site received no post to fill the void people started posting videos YouTube was born.


Photostream Sean MacEntee

To be sure here are some incredible YouTube statistics.

In the first place Google owns it.

In particular there are over a billion users each month.

Likewise people watch over 7 billion hours of video each month.

Furthermore people upload 100 plus hours of video every minute.
Not to mention mobile viewing accounts for some 40% of all traffic.
Surprisingly the United States is roughly only about 20% of the Visitors the other 80% is from around the world.
The videos are viewed by more 18 – 34 year olds in the United States than cable TV.
For example millions of new people subscribe every day.
Also the Partnership Program started in 2007.

To enumerate there are over a million participants from over 30 countries.

Thus thousands of these channels are earning six figures a year.
Important to realize over a million advertise using Google ads, and TrueView.

Must be remembered Gangnam Style hit 1 billion views in December 2012

Indeed a YouTube time capsule.

In short the founders Chad Hurley Steve Chen and Jawed Karim all originally employed by PayPal.

Further Chad Hurley registers trademark, logo, domain Valentine’s Day 2005 it was to be a video share date site.

Moreover first video “Me at the Zoo” 19 sec’s of co-founder Jawed Karim posted April 23, 2005.

In time the first million hit video a Nike ad September 2005.

Eventually officially launched publicly on December 15, 2005.

Before Google YouTube declared its business model was advertisement, at 15 million per month.

Also advertisements begin in March 2006.

As a matter of fact Google bought the video-sharing site for $1.65 billion in stock October 2006.

Then the Partner Program started May 2007.

YouTube together with CNN host the presidential debate for the 2008 election July 2007.

Not to mention Google’s first YouTube ads August 2007.

As well as content verification program started October 2007.

In this case Usher introduced Justin Bieber via a video April 2009.

YouTube together with Vivendi launch Vevo music video service April 2009.

Additionally starts renting movies in January 2010.

Then Hurley steps down as the chief executive officer to be an advisory October 2010.

Not to mention officially entered the broadcast business with the launch of Live April 2011.

Equally important got serious about original content in October 2011.

Coupled with Google+ and integrated with YouTube and the Chrome browser viewing videos from within Google+ 2011.

Then the Olympics went live-stream in July 2012.

Also became the place for the presidential election in 2012.

Correspondingly relaunched its design and layout to be like the mobile and tablet version of the site 2012.


In general there is something for most everybody.

In detail what to watch best channels are music, sports, gaming, education, movies, TV Shows, News, Live, and Spotlight.

besides all of the categories and channels above in English there is much more from around the world.

Certainly there is instruction and support for the usage of all things on the video site, mostly in video.

So if you haven’t investigated as yet don’t you think you should?

Of course you can access with pretty much anything that can surf the web.

In conclusion prepare to have your mind blown it is a whole new brave world in there.