Googles video machine indexing more video than anyone else.

YouTube is Video Entertainment Central. YouTube is huge. The third most visited website online just behind, and

Google owns it.
Over 1 Billion users each month.
Incredibly over 6 Billion Hours of video are consumed each month.
100+ hours of video are uploaded every minute.
Mobile viewing accounts for some 40% of all traffic.
The United States is roughly only about 20% of the Visitors the other 80% is from around the world.
Viewed by more 18 – 34 year olds in the United States than cable TV.
Millions of new people subscribe every day.
The YouTube Partnership program started in 2007. There are over 1Million Participants from over 30 countries. Thousands of these channels are earning six figures a year.
Over a million advertise using Google ads, and TrueView.

What to Watch is organized in the following manner: as of today 1/12/2015


-Popular on YouTube
–Popular Right Now
–Just-Released Music Videos
–The Daily ‘Aww’
–Stories That’ll Restore Your Faith In Humanity
–Hot News Trailers
–Catch Up On Late Night
–Check Out Hot Topics
–Today’s Funniest Clips
–Learn Something New
–That’s a Good Question
–Brand-New Tech


–Popular Music Videos
–New Music This Week
–Top Pop Music Tracks
–Most Controversial Music Videos
–Latest Music Videos
–Top Hip Hop Music Tracks
–New & Noteworthy Playlists
–Coachella ’15 Headliners & Lineup
–YouTube EDM 15


youtube—Sean MacEntee (

–Celebrities Covering Celebrities
–Top Funk Tracks
–Hitting the Gym Mixes
–Music For Every Mood
–Top Jazz Tracks
–Top Country Music Tracks
–Top Alternative Rock Tracks
–Top Disco Tracks
–Top Blues Tracks
–Top Classical Music Tracks
–Top Rock Music Tracks


–Latest Sports Videos
–Popular Sports Videos
–Live Now
–Upcoming Events
–Tim Tebow On Dez Bryant Catch: You Have To Go Down At The One
–Top Stories
–Must Watch Plays
–Snow Chance
–Remembering Stuart Scott

youtube insights

youtube insights—Sean MacEntee (


–Popular Gaming Videos
–Live Now
–Upcoming Events
–Popular Garry’s Mod Videos
–Popular Minecraft Videos
–Popular Grand Theft Auto V Videos
–Popular Five Nights at Freddy’s Videos
–Gaming IRL: The Legend of Zelda
–Gaming Review Roundup
–Discover New Playlists
–Popular Games


–Featured Videos
–Lifelong Learning
–Primary & Secondary Education
–Social Sciences


YouTube—ivva (</>


–New Releases
–Top Selling
–Animated Movies
–Action & Adventure Movies
–Crime Movies
–Comedy Movies
–Classic Movies
–Drama Movies
–Family Movies
–Free Movies
–Horror Movies
–LGBT Movies
–Indian Cinema
–Music Movies
–Mystery & Suspense Movies
–Romance Movies
–Science Fiction Movies
–Short Films
–Sports Movies

youtube partner

youtube partner—Sean MacEntee (

-TV Shows

–Recently Aired
–Action & Adventure TV Shows
–Animated TV Shows
–Reality & Game TV Shows
–Celebrity & Entertainment TV Shows
–Classic TV Shows
–Comedy TV Shows
–Documentary TV Shows
–Drama TV Shows
–Beauty & Fashion TV Shows
–International TV
–Learning & Education TV Shows
–News TV Shows
–Nature TV Shows
–Food & Cooking TV Shows
–Science & Tech TV Shows
–Sports TV Shows


–Top Stories
–Live Now


–Featured Live Events
–Live – Sports
–Live – News & Politics
–Live – Gaming
–Live – Music
–Google+ Hangouts On Air
–Live – Autos & Vehicles
–Live – Comedy
–Live – Education
–Live – Entertainment
–Live – Film & Animation
–Live – How to & Style
–Live – Nonprofits & Activism
–People & Blogs
–Live – Pets & Animals
–Live – Science & Technology
–Live – Travel & Events

youtube insights
Youtube demographics chart

youtube insights—Sean MacEntee (


–Trending Today

–New Music This Week

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Now besides all of the categories and channels above that are in English there is much more from around the world.

YouTube has something for most everybody.
There is great instruction and support for the usage of all things YouTube, and yes most of which is in video.
So if you haven’t investigated YouTube as yet don’t you think you should? You can access YouTube with pretty much anything that can surf the web. Prepare to have your mind blown. It is a whole new brave world in there.